Calculate before you make a decission

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  • Your Repaired device is worth approximately: ${RepairedValue}

  • Damaged phone is only worth approximately: ${DamagedValue}

  • Approximate cost of the selected new phone is: ${NewDeviceCost}

  • Repairing the device will only be approximately: ${RepairCostAmt}

  • If you sell your repaired device and put the amount towards the cost of the new device you will spend approximately: ${CostOfNewAfterRepair} 
    (Price of new phone + any balance owing - value of current undamaged or repaired phone) Yes they will make you pay off your balance.

  • If you repair your device and don't get a new phone you save: ${SavedAmt} by not upgrading at this time. Congratulations! 
    (Price of new phone + any balance owing - cost of repair)