Repair Types

Corner Stone Tech Solutions cracked screen replacement service is both fast and affordable. The majority of cell phone screen repairs can be completed within an hour or by the end of the day.

If your phone has unfortunately come in to contact with water, call Corner Stone Tech Solutions and we will perform a professional diagnostic anyalysis to determine the extent of the damage and clean out the device and test it accordingly.

If your speaker is distorted or difficult to hear anything through it, or not working at all you may need a speaker repair or replacement. Corner Stone Tech Solutions can solve these issues.

If you have constant week signal strength on your phone you could be having from a variety of issues such as SIM card damage, outdated software, etc. Call Corner Stone Tech Solutions for some free troubleshooting tips or we can do an assessment and we will give you the best options.

If the buttons on your cell phone or device are malfunctioning, broken or just sticky you can count on Corner Stone Tech Solutions for professional repair services. We fix the problems fast so you will be back to normal as soon as possible.

When cell phone batteries stop holding a charge or drain quickly your productivity can be at risk. Corner Stone Tech Solutions can replace the battery so you can get back to your busy lifestyle. We also dispose of all batteries responsibly.