IT Services

Corner Stone Tech Solutions experience enables us to provide our clients with server best practices and to leverage our project management and proven risk mitigation expertise and a variety of domain technology services.

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Business Solutions

Customer Support

Our customer support has a large range of services to help client's which includes troubleshooting, upgrading, software installation, maintenance and the proper disposal of electronics.


We offer our customers reliable professional support and repair services that enables you to get back to what you need to do... fast.
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Business Networks

Corner Stone Tech Solutions provides a comprehensive network design solutions for small to medium business. If you need a new network installation, need upgrades or even need to relocate. We can assist you in designing and installing computers networks within your budget and on time.


A main part of any network are the routers are often the first line of defence from hackers looking to gain access to your network. Corner Stone Tech Solutions will make sure you are configured properly.

Website/Email/Hosting Services

If you need domain name, email, website or hosting services we can help you.

Cell Phone Repair

We offer device management  and cell phone repair to make sure your company is getting the best data plan savings and device life cycle.